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For mobile use, DYNACORD provides a comprehensive range of ultra compact solutions to high performance concert sound systems.

Loudspeaker Systems

From line arrays down to satellite systems, DYNACORD loudspeaker sets including power amplifiers and controllers for a wide variety of applications feature optimized functionality.

Power Amplifiers

More than 50 years of engineering experience have made DYNACORD a well-established manufacturer of high power amplifiers with a notable reputation all over the world for audio quality and reliability.

Mixing Desks, Powered Mixers

DYNACORD mixing desks and powered mixers are the worldwide industry standard. The legendary PowerMate and CMS compact series are the undisputed leaders in their class.


For the configuration of active multiway systems DYNACORD produces both analog and digital controllers with superior audio performance and outstanding user comfort.


User-friendly software for system configuration, signal processing, remote control, supervision and simulation: IRIS-Net, CrossMax, EASE Focus, system accessories.


The DPM 4000 represents the paging management / control unit of the PROMATRIX® system incorporating all primary functions that are needed in advanced PA system installation.

Message Manager

The DMM 4650 is a signal processor, capable of audio recording and playback as well as audio signal generation such as alarms.

PROMATRIX Power Supplies

The mains power supply slide-in units DPP 4004/4012 have been designed for 19" installation for ELA applications with 24 V power supply.

PROMATRIX Paging Stations

The paging stations of the PROMATRIX® system can be divided into two categories: DPC4000 series microprocessor controlled paging stations and DPC4000/R series redundant paging stations, each with different models for every application.

Digital Control System

The DCS 400 module series increase the PROMATRIX® system's control capabilities in many ways. The DCS system can be expanded at any time after installation for increased functionality.

Battery Modules / Chargers

In order to guarantee a reliable and smooth emergency power supply the following components are included in the PROMATRIX® system: DEM 313 (Battery charging unit), DEM 316/317 (Battery slide-in units), DEM 314 (Emergency power supply - battery and chargi