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CMS 1000

The new Compact Mixing Systems CMS 1000 and CMS 1600 are high performance, high quality mixers with integrated digital FX processors and Dual Graphic-EQ’s.

Being perfect all-round solutions they are ideally suited for feeding professional sound reinforcement or powered speaker systems. DYNACORD CMS consoles are quickly set up. Complicated rack confi guration and interference-prone wiring of several single components cease to apply. The extremely low noise and low distortion discrete microphone preamps built-in to the CMS 1000 and CMS 1600 provide excellent audio quality setting new standards in the fi eld of professional mixer technology.

Specially designed Gain Potentiometers allow ergonomic fader control and additionally provide an extended control range of 60 dB. Group-switch-able +48V phantom power, Vocal Voicing fi lters, 3-channel tone control section with semi-parametric midrange, 4 AUX channels, PFL and MUTE, newly designed dust-proof ALPS-fader controls and the four almost identically laid out stereo channels with additional microphone inputs are only a few details of the professionally equipped inputs section. Master and AUX 3+4 output signals are electronically balanced and output via XLR-type connectors. Relay switching effi ciently suppresses switching noise. Separate pre/post fader switching of the AUX 3+4 busses is provided within the master section. The two feedback fi lters in the monitor busses, the master standby switch, tape input and the two 7-band graphic equalizers, which can optionally be used for the master or AUX 3+4 busses complete the professional feature set of the master section. Two parallel operating and individually controllable 24-bit digital stereo effects units with 48-bit algorithms offer a total of 2 x 99 “live sound-optimized” presets in studio quality. Room and plate hall, echo and chorus reverb, mono/stereo delay, modulated delay effects like chorus or fl anging as well as several special effects are comfortably selected via up/down keys.

Storing the preferred start-up presets for both effects units is possible in program mode. These presets are present instantly after powering on the mixer. The use of a global or two separate footswitches allows for global or individual switching the effects on and off. A 12V/5W mixer litlite can be connected at the lamp output, which is protected against short-circuit and overload.Stable enclosures with metal protective covers ensure trouble-free transport of the mixers without need for extra fl ight-cases.

Channels (Mono + Stero)
6 + 4
Dimensions, (WxHxD), mm
Weight, with / without lid
9.2 kg
MIC Gain (Mono)
0 dB … +60 dB
MIC Gain (Stereo)
10 dB … +60 dB
Stereo Line Trim
-10dB … +20dB
THD+N at 1kHz, MBW=80kHz, MIC input to Main L/R output, +16 dBu, typical
< 0.005%
Frequency Response, -3dB ref. 1kHz, Any input to any Mixer output
15Hz … 55kHz
Crosstalk, 1kHz, Fader and AUX-Send attenuation
> 85 dB
Channel to channel
> 80 dB
CMR, MIC input, 1kHz
> 80 dB
Input Sensitivity, all level controls in max. position:
MIC input
-74 dBu (155 µV)
LINE Input (Mono)
-54 dBu (1.55 mV)
LINE Input (Stereo)
-34 dBu (15.5 mV)
Maximum Level, mixing desk:
MIC inputs
+ 21 dBu
Mono Line inputs
+ 41 dBu
Stereo Line inputs
+ 30 dBu
All other inputs
+ 21 dBu
Record Send output
+ 14 dBu
All other outputs
+ 21 dBu
Input Impedances:
2 k Ohms
Insert Return
2.2 k Ohms
2 Track Return
8 k Ohms
All other inputs
> 15 k Ohms
Output Impedances:
Record Send
1 kOhm
47 Ohms
All other outputs
75 Ohms
Noise, Channel inputs to Main L/R outputs, A-weighted:
Residual Noise, Master fader down
-96 dBu
Bus Noise, Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader down
-91 dBu
Mix Noise, Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader 0 dB, Channel gain unity
-83 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise, MIC Input, A-weighted, 150 O
-130 dBu
LO Shelving
± 15 dB / 60 Hz
MID Peaking, mono inputs
± 15 dB / 100 Hz ... 8 kHz
MID Peaking, stereo inputs
± 12 dB / 2.4 kHz
HI Shelving
± 15 dB / 12 kHz
Master EQ, 2x7-band, 63, 125, 400, 1k, 2k5, 6k, 12k Hz
± 10 dB / Q=2.0
Mains Voltage
85 V – 265 V
Mains Frequency
50Hz – 60 Hz
RMK-CMS1000 (Rack-Mount-Kit CMS 1000) 113 014, Gooseneck Lamp, 12V/5W, 12“, XLR 112 850, Replacement bulb, 12V/5W 350 278, FS11 (Footswitch) 110 693
Power Consumption
39 W
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