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Column Loudspeakers

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The DA1 metal column loudspeakers have a robust, white aluminum enclosure and come in both 20 W and 40 W versions. They are an ideal loudspeaker column where sound beaming is required, for both indoor and outdoor use in passenger terminals, places of worship, conference venues, theme parks, swimming pools, factories and exhibition areas.

The DA-32xx column loudspeaker series is part of the line array loudspeaker range. They come in a 30 W and 60 W version for indoor applications as well as a 60 W version for indoor and outdoor applications with protection to IP66. They offer greatly improved sound directivity thanks to the latest filter technology and an optimised arrangement of the loudspeaker drivers. This permits clear and natural sound reproduction for speech and music.


Metal column loudspeaker 20 W


Metal column loudspeaker 40 W


Line array indoor loudspeaker for small and medium indoor environments, 30 W


Line array indoor loudspeaker for medium and large (reverberant) indoor environments, 60 W


Line array indoor loudspeaker for large (reverberant) indoor/outdoor environments, 60 W