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VA 215-200

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System parameters:
Total output of the system: 2400 W RMS
Max SPL in the mid- and HF ranges: 128 dB
Max SPL in the LF range:  128 dB
Frequency range: 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Total weight:   99.2 kg
Volume:   462 litres
Suitable for audiences of up to 300 people

The VA215-200 is even smaller and suitable for events where the listeners are mainly in close proximity (e.g. the dance floor). The very powerful amplifiers of the PSDs drive the TS 200 cabinets with headroom to spare and are even capable of driving a second pair if desired. And this, without sacrificing the corresponding sound pressure in the bass.

2 x TS 200; 2 x PSD 215

TA-TS400; VPM 1500; SH-PSD-E-215; SH-TS200(W)

PSE subwoofer extensions, delay loudspeakers