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VA 312-100

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System parameters:
Total output of the system: 1100 W RMS
Max SPL in the mid- and HF ranges: 122 dB
Max SPL in the LF range: 123 dB
Frequency range: 44 Hz – 20 kHz
Total weight:   37 kg
Volume:   109 litres
Suitable for audiences of up to 100 people

The smallest and most efficient system for cabaret acts, folk groups or events aspiring to an intimate, club atmosphere. Ideal also for lectures and other speech-based sound reinforcement applications.

2 x TS 100; 1 x PowerSub 312

TA-TS400; VPM 1500; SH-TS100(W)

SUB 112 passive subwoofer


The PowerSub 312 active 12“ subwoofer, which is equipped with an integrated three-channel power amplifier with a total output of 1300W