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Controller Amps

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Controller Amps

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Plug `n Play! The controller power amplifiers Xa-2600 and PM-2600 have been designed to allow quick and easy configuration of active 2-way systems. Both models employ power blocks that provide 2 x 700 W for the Lo range and 2 x 600 W for the Mid/hi range each. The integrated stereo crossovers / controllers are: a 2nd order PowerMax™ crossover in the PM-2600, which is particularly suitable for combinations of smaller full range cabinets and subwoofers (e.g. with Dynaycord PowerMax 3 and 5 systems) and a 3rd order Constant-Power-Response crossover in the Xa-2600, which can also be used for horn-loaded systems (e.g. with Dynacord Xa-systems). Both models additionally include controller functions like LPN-filters and horn-equalization.

Universally usable Xa 4000 active 2-way power amplifier provides Class H technology and a switching power supply
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