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PCL 1415


PCL 1415

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The DYNACORD PCL-Series power amp line combines outstanding audio performance, exceptional reliability and secure operational safety in a compact 2RU chassis design. All models in the PCL-Series provide several protection circuits which not only prevent the power amplifier itself but also the connected loudspeaker systems from being damaged. These protections include Dynamic Audio Limiters, Inrush Current Limiter, Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Overload Protection. All PCL-Series power amps feature different hi-pass filters with switch selectable cut-off frequency to attenuate unwanted low-frequency signals. Infinitely variable low-noise high performance fans guarantee absolute thermal stability while keeping fan noise to a minimum. Direct “flow-thru” chassis design allows for a smooth flow of air from front-to-rear, which allows trouble-free operation even in smaller amp-racks. Compact high density power supply units with low-leakage toroidal transformers provide extensive headroom far above the listed power rating. Premium phoenix style screw-lock connectors prevent accidental disconnection resulting in a more secure connection of audio signal and speaker cables. All PCL-Series “T” version models are equipped with high performance output transformers also provide floating outputs for 50V, 70V and 100V installations. These models also provide voltage limiters to protect the loudspeaker outputs against overvoltage.

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