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PowerMate 2200

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The PowerMate compact power mixers incorporate profound Know-How, based on our research and development in the professional audio market as well as on the inter-communication with our clients, for decades. With a PowerMate you own a power mixer that offers a wide range of functionality in a very compact frame. All the troubling experiences with cabling and matching mixers, amplifiers, FX units, and equalizers is history. You now own a device with optimally matched components. The mixer’s ergonomic shape and clearly structured controls allow instant access at all times. In case the console is operated in areas with insufficient lighting, a gooseneck lamp can be easily plugged into the provided socket. Also during the transport you will quickly learn to appreciate the PowerMate’s superiority: recessed handles on both sides, compact dimensions and low weight. In addition, a sturdy dust hood protects the controls against damaging. On the other hand, the PowerMate can be easily mounted in a 19" rack shelf. You just have to replace the plastic side panels by a pair of metal rack mount ears.
Maximum Midband Output Power, 1 kHz, THD = 1%:
into 4 ohms
2 x 760 W
into 8 ohms
2 x 430 W
Rated Output Power, 20 Hz ... 20 kHz, THD = 0.2%:
into 4 ohms
2 x 700 W
into 8 ohms
2 x 350 W
Maximum Output Voltage of power amplifier, no load
63 Vrms
THD at 1kHz, MBW=80kHz:
MIC input to Main L/R output, +16 dBu
< 0.006%
Power amplifier input to Speaker L/R output
< 0.05%
DIM 30, power amplifier
< 0.015%
IMD-SMPTE, power amplifier, 60Hz, 7 kHz
< 0.15%
Frequency Response, -3dB ref. 1kHz:
Any input to any Mixer output
15Hz ... 60kHz
Any input to Speaker L/R output
30Hz ... 40kHz
Crosstalk, 1kHz:
Fader and AUX-Send attenuation
> 80 dB
Channel to channel
> 70 dB
CMRR, MIC input, 1kHz
> 80 dB
Input Sensitivity, all level controls in max. position:
MIC Input
-74 dBu (155 µV)
Line Input (Mono)
-54 dBu (1.55 mV
Line Input (Stereo)
-34 dBu (15.5 mV)
Power Amplifier Input
+ 6 dBu (1.55 V)
Maximum Level, mixing desk:
MIC inputs
+ 11 dBu
Line inputs
+ 30 dBu
All other inputs
+ 20 dBu
Record Send output
+ 16 dBu
All other outputs
+ 20 dBu
Input Impedances:
1.8 kohms
Insert Return
2.2 kohms
EQ Input and 2 Track Return
8 kohms
All other inputs
> 15 kohms
Output Impedances:
Record Send
1 kohms
47 ohms
All other outputs
75 ohms
Equivalent Input Noise, MIC Input, A-weighted, 150 ohms
-130 dBu
Noise, Channel inputs to Main L/R outputs, A-weighted:
Master fader down
Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader down
Master fader 0 dB, Channel fader 0 dB, Channel gain unity
Signal/Noise-Ratio, power amplifier, A-weighted
106 dB
LO Shelving
± 15 dB / 60 Hz
MID Peaking, mono inputs
± 15 dB / 100 Hz ... 8 kHz
MID Peaking, stereo inputs
± 12 dB / 2.4 kHz
HI Shelving
± 15 dB / 12 kHz
Master EQ, 2x7-band
± 10 dB
Phantom Power
24V DC
Mains voltage (factory configured)
100V/120V/230V/240V AC/50-60Hz
Power Consumption at 1/8 maximum output power, 4 ohms
Dimensions, (WxHxD), mm
Weight, including lid
Goosneck Lamp, 12V/2.4W, 12”, XLR 112 700, Footswitch FS11 110 693
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