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With its CMS Compact Mixing System, DYNACORD has seized pole position in this segment of the market by virtue of the quality of its sound, components and features.

The three models CMS 1000-3, CMS 1600-3 and CMS 2200-3 differ in the number of MIC/LINE input channels they offer, but are otherwise identically equipped.


PowerMate 3

Powered-Mixer family with 4 models, 8 to 22 Input channels, integrated digital effect units, Stereo Graphic equalizer, USB audio interface (excl. PM 600) and digital Power-Amplifiers (PM 600 Class-H) for professional sound reinforcement in live applications and also in fixed install.


Rack Mixer

The DRM 4000 rack mixer can be used as a pre-mixer for the DPM 4000 in the PROMATRIX® system or as stand-alone unit for simple sound reinforcement tasks and for paging systems.



The CPA 2000 Family consists of the compact paging system CPA 2000 - an all-in-one electro acoustics central control system which combines multiple functions in only 3 height units - plus the microphone terminal MT 2005 as its perfect complement, providing 5 different speaker zone keys. 



The PM family is an extremely versatile tool for a multitude of install and live applications.