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D-LITE 2000

D-LITE 2000

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The D-LITE 2000 system has been specially designed to meet the various needs of solo entertainers, mobile DJs and small bands.
Easy handling —thanks to the ultra-compact and lightweight construction of the enclosures — and powerful, transparent sound with loads of headroom combine to raise the D-LITE 2000 to the pinnacle of excellence among professional satellite systems. The basic D-LITE 2000 system, comprising a PowerSub 315 and two D 12 fullrange satellites, is designed to be easily expandable, so you can’t go wrong when it’s time to buy in more power. Up to four satellites (two per side) and two additional passive subwoofers can be driven efficiently and easily by the mighty PowerSub 315. The D-LITE 2000 system is also the ideal solution for fixed installation in a wide variety of catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs as well as in schools. A wide assortment of installation hardware is available for positioning the satellites, including mounting frames, wall brackets and trussing gear.


Active 15” subwoofer with four integrated digital power amps provides total output power of 2000W and has been designed for the quick and easy set-up of subwoofer satellite systems

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