Join Bosch, EV and DYNACORD at Prolight + Sound 2019

February 1, 2019
  • Breaking through the barriers among different systems under the theme of “Interconnection”
  • TGX 4-channel power amplifier, the ideal solution for large-scale live performance applications
  • PRAESENSA public address and voice alarm system, new industry benchmark for IP based broadcast products
  • X2 line array loudspeaker together with new TGX amplifier to put on an amazing audio performance on the outdoor demo stage

The annual Guangzhou International Professional Light and Sound Exhibition (PLSG19) was held from February 24 to 27 in the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou exhibition hall. In this exhibition, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, together with EV and DYNACORD professional audio products, new IP broadcast products and conference systems, showed the audience Bosch’s luxury lineup under the theme of “Interconnection”. Yang Hua, senior sales manager of Bosch Sound Reinforcement Systems, also accepted interviews from trade media during the warm-up period of the exhibition, and said: “IoT is the core development direction of Bosch. In the future, Bosch products will continue to develop in the direction of interconnection and commit to the networking of all equipment, breaking brand restrictions, achieving interconnection and providing users with a better experience."

This time, Bosch’s booth had a unique design. The concept of “interconnection” was intuitively presented through the cloud structure with the ceiling and the ground part resonating with each other. The booth was divided into seven areas: DYNACORD TGX 4-channel power amplifier, IPX series multi-channel power amplifier, and L series and C series lead the development of new power amplifiers; the Electro-Voice EV-Innovation family, including EVC, EVF and EVH, offered different options for fixed installation applications; the EVID and EVID-S commercial loudspeakers from EVID family gave visitors a feeling of being in commercial places; portable speaker family and X-Line line array speakers also appeared in the exhibition, and with the help of TGX amplifier, X2 received a big round of applause due to its amazing outdoor live demonstration; right to DYNACORD mixer, the entertainment zone added more variety to the booth; Bosch PRAESENSA Public Address and Voice Alarm System made its debut in the exhibition and bringing a new era of IP broadcasting to the Chinese mainland; the iF and Red Dot award-winning Bosch DICENTIS conference system family also took this opportunity to make a collective appearance. All the displayed products of different brands not only presented their unique styles, but also showed their shared commitment to high quality standard. In order to increase interaction with the audience, an activity of "winning gifts by taking a photo with the booth and post it on WeChat" was also arranged at the booth. With the help of WeChat platform, customers can easily have the access to all the product brochures which can help them quickly understand the relevant products and thus find solutions to solve their problems.

What is also worth mentioning is that when being interviewed by professional media, Mr. Tan Jianjun, the product manager of Bosch Sound Reinforcement Systems, said: “In order to stand out in the fierce market competition, a clear direction and strategy is always needed, and it includes high quality products, trustworthy partners, and excellent technical and sales teams. The level of competitiveness of a business model depends on its shortest board according to the “barrel effect”. Therefore, we should keeping doing better and better in terms of product quality, after-sales service, and quality management in the future. That’s also the answer to the long-last success of EV and DYNACORD."

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