Variable Intensity speakers – an innovative solution for "in the round" theatre sound

June 26, 2019
Angus Audio (Cambridge, Ontario) recently worked with University of Waterloo's Department of Communication Arts to upgrade its 402-seat Theatre of the Arts. The UW theatre program mounts some of the most imaginative and cutting-edge productions in the area, and requires technology that is versatile and easy to manipulate. The theatre has undergone several upgrades the past few years, with new catwalks, LED lighting and intercoms.  Now a new sound system featuring Electro-Voice loudspeakers powered by Dynacord amplifiers is ensuring the theatre sounds better than ever. The University of Waterloo’s Gill Lesperance and Cameron Jolliffe completed the installation in record time, including the new wiring and amp racks mounted in the catwalk.

The theatre space is essentially "in the round," with seating right up to the edge of the stage – it's a challenge to get even audio coverage over every seat. A new model from the Electro-Voice EVC series of compact loudspeakers for fixed installation provided the perfect solution. The EVC-1122-VI (Variable Intensity) is two-way design with a unique compound waveguide that can evenly cover a defined rectangular audience area with almost no variation in sound quality and minimal change in level. It can be used as a full-range system or as a mid/high-frequency enclosure matched to the EVC-1181S subwoofer. The VI was chosen for its unique ability to provide extremely deep-yet-focused horn coverage based on the height at which it is mounted. Tilting each box in its bracket allows the coverage area to be fine-tuned right to the front rows of the theatre seating. Just four VI models were required for complete, even coverage, all powered by two Dynacord L2800 amps running in the control booth.

In addition to the main FOH loudspeakers, the installation includes eight Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 compact surface-mount speakers. Powered by four Dynacord L1300 amplifiers – installed on the catwalk and monitored by MARC software – the EVIDs provide eight channels of surround-sound rear-fill audio. Together with the VI boxes, these help create a seamless and immersive audio experience for the audience, enhancing the impact of sound effects and soundscapes.

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