Electro-Voice sound solution combines elegance with durability for outdoor stage at International School Bangkok

February 24, 2020
  • Weatherproof EVF and EVH loudspeakers offer superior sound quality and proven durability for outdoor applications
  • Powerful system driven by Dynacord L series amplifiers allows seamless coverage across stage and indoor/outdoor canteen/audience areas
  • Stylish outdoor stage setting complimented by sleek white finish and low-profile enclosures

Bangkok, Thailand, February 2020 – A combination of weather-resistant Electro-Voice EVA and EVF loudspeakers are providing an elegant sound reinforcement solution for a new outdoor stage area at the International School Bangkok (ISB) – one of the top international schools in Thailand.

Installed by Vision One Co., Ltd. (Bangkok), the four-speaker system combines a low-profile appearance with excellent intelligibility and precision coverage for the performance space, which serves as an open-air extension of the school’s new cafeteria. Though primarily designed to support musical and theatrical performances and school/community events, the system is also used to provide background music during break times, enhancing the ambience with seamless coverage over the main stage and indoor/outdoor canteen area, which also serves as an audience seating space for shows.  

Electro-Voice was chosen for combining superior sound quality with proven durability for outdoor applications. Two EVF-1152D/96 (15” two-way, 90° x 60°) and two EVA-1151D (single 15” subwoofer), all weatherized and in a white finish, are mounted to the curved tubular steel frame of the white stage canopy, which also features a lighting rig. The stage and equipment blend together with a sleek modern look, which also compliments the design of the cafeteria and landscaping. The system is powered and processed via two L3600FD DSP amplifiers from EV’s sibling brand Dynacord, featuring FIR-Drive performance optimization and system protection.

“We are very impressed by the sound system,” says ISB Deputy Head Marc de Vries. “The original plan was to use the system for student performances and events, but the sound quality and power is so good that we also use it for BGM basically every day. We’ve already had some great performances where the music has really sounded fantastic – covering the cafeteria space as well as outside on the field.”

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