4‑channel power amplifiers for live sound applications

TGX 4-channel live sound amplifiers from dynacord are one of the most powerful on the market and represent the pinnacle of pro audio electronics engineering. Along with unprecedented power density, they offer Dynacord’s signature audio quality, advanced reliability and power efficiency. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, TGX amplifiers are built as the ultimate amplification solution for large-scale live performance sound applications.

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Multi-Channel Power Amplifiers for Fixed Install Applications

The multi-channel ipx 5:4, 10:4, 10:8 and 20:4 power amplifiers mark an unprecedented standard for sound system amplification in mid to large-sized permanent installations. The high-performance amplifiers offer seemingly unlimited power and pristine audio quality. IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers are featuring OMNEO IP networking architecture and groundbreaking audio performance.

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Two-Channel Power Amplifiers for Live Sound

L series power amplifiers provide a best-in-class, tour-grade feature set that brings real professional performance to a new, more accessible price point. Like all Dynacord amplifiers, the L Series offers high-quality components and truly professional processing power and performance characteristics. Its engineering and applied technologies enable exceptional sound quality with plenty of headroom.

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