Class AB Power Amplifier Output Stage

Unparalleled audiophile signal reproduction and high reliability

With their class AB technology, Dynacord’s power amplifiers leave a lasting impression due to a punchy bass fundament, powerful mids, precise and well-defined high frequency reproduction as well as highly dynamic headroom. Dynacord’s AB amplifiers excel when high-quality and linear sound matters – in particular when it comes to very complex and low-Z loads. The amp’s design concept is clearly defined: amplification is as pure as possible – without distorting or changing the color of the audio signal. Linear signaling with minimum phase interferences is achieved using an uncompromising switch mode design. An extremely high inner loop gain coupled with meticulously selected components guarantees a genuine, noise-free reproduction without distortion. Dynacord’s class AB technology is the result of a continuous improvement and improvement process backed by Dynacord’s long-term experience and expertise in the field of professional sound reinforcement. The outcome of our endeavor leads to cutting edge power amplifier technology, which ensures high fidelity and the high reliability of legendary German Engineering Excellence. All Dynacord class AB power amplifiers can be operated in bridged mode, are 2 ohm stable and are retrofitted with high-quality relays. Electronic protection circuits and related protection algorithms safely protect connected loudspeakers and amplifiers in case of need.

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