Mains Circuit Breaker Protection

MCBP boosts system reliability and availability under toughest mains and load situations

The power consumption of a power amplifier is determined by the load driven and the signal to be amplified. It is difficult – if not impossible – for the operator to monitor or control the latter, as the signal strength is primarily determined by the program material. Dynacord’s MCBT technology models the switching behavior of common circuit breakers. It enables the calculation of the automatic circuit breaker’s current status in relation to its thermal and magnetic activation based on the amplifier’s actual power consumption and other parameters. With this model, sophisticated algorithms ensure a steady and safe operation range of the amplifiers’ circuit breaker and prevent a false overload alert under normal operation. The circuit breaker’s primary protective role not affected. With this process, Dynacord’s power amplifiers offer maximum power at highest operational safety and optimum availability.

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