Variable Load Drive (VLD)

Variable Load Drive (VLD) is a patented technology, which was successfully introduced with Dynacord’s DSA amplifiers family. It offers highest flexibility in terms of output power and operation mode. For each channel, the user can determine whether Low-Z or High-Z 70V/100V loudspeakers are driven without output transformer via direct drive technology. Thanks to VLD, the amplifier can be optimally configured for individual applications via software. In low-impedance operation, each amp channel can be driven in .1-ohm steps with virtually any output power via IRIS-Net software – from 100W to the maximum output power of the amp – across the complete impedance range of 2-10 ohms. This technology allows users to drive all kind of different loudspeakers – even in very complex installations – using only one type of power amplifier in the field. The advantage of VLD technology is very descriptively visualized in the pictures below. Fig. 1 shows the dependency between the output power in relation to the impedance of various Dynacord amplifiers. The lower the impedance, the more power is delivered by the amplifier. Fig. 2 on the other hands shows the VLD scope of a Dynacord DSA 8410. VLD allows individual allocation of output power for each amp channel within the complete green operating area. For example, the maximum output power of 1000W is already available at 8 ohms. Fig-1: Output power diagram vs load impedance of various Dynacord amplifiers
Fig-2: VLD scope (green) of a Dynacord DSA 8410 power amplifier

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