Cycle by Cycle Current Limiter

In the event of an overload caused by excessively low impedance loudspeaker systems, the respective power amplifier channel is often switched off for protection. However, this limits the operational range to impedances where an overcurrent can be excluded. The latest generation of Dynacord Class-D amplifiers are therefore equipped with a Cycle by Cycle current limiter, which already engages on PWM level. The current is already being monitored within a Class-D switching cycle and limited if needed. In addition, an optimized audio limiter ensures that this limitation is virtually impossible to perceive. Dynacord power amplifiers equipped with this technology can therefore also reliably drive very low impedance loudspeaker systems below 2 ohms.

Main advantages:

  • Expansion of the potential impedance range
  • No switch-off at low impedance loudspeaker loads
  • Maximale Zuverlässigkeit
  • Maximum reliability

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