Tour-grade processing power with unmatched best-in-class dynamics

L Series and C Series power amplifiers set a best-in-class standard in digital signal processing. By using high-end components such as 200 MHz 48 bit DSP and 120 dB digital-analog converters, the power amplifiers achieve performance and dynamic levels previously be found only in higher class and far more expensive devices. Extremely powerful DSP processing power, allowing the use of professional FIR speaker settings, as well as extremely low signal noise values ensure that L Series and C Series power amplifiers set the benchmark in their class. These power amplifiers are ideal for acoustically demanding applications such as theaters, in which both perfect sound and low noise are essential.

Dynacord’s long experience in the high-end sector has contributed to the further optimization of the Power H family’s sophisticated algorithms. These settings are now also available for users who require uncompromising sound but are typically easily satisfied with the L Series and C Series’ performance values. Dynacord’s entire database of loudspeaker settings can be directly applied.

Amongst others, L Series and C Series amplifiers feature FIR drive speaker processing for each chan-nel, including PEQ, X-Over, FIR filter and limiter. To protect the loudspeakers, the proven short and long-term limiter PA and TEMP limiter are included – limiters, which have been refined in numerous major events and installations over the years.
The parametric IIR filters include Peak, High-Pass, Low-Pass, High-Shelf, Low-Shelf and All-Pass algo-rithms. Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley X-Over filters as well as generic filters with adjustable Q-factor and various slew rate settings up to 24 dB/octave are complemented by adjustable polarity, level and delay for each individual loudspeaker line.

FIR filters have become indispensable for loudspeaker equalization in professional sound applications. A perfect linearization of the frequency response with only minimal overlap of each individual fre-quency range is now possible with these filters, which was never possible with conventional IIR filters.

L Series and C Series power amplifiers additionally feature a user area for additional individual settings of the whole system.

A 31-band graphic equalizer, parametric equalizer as well as an adjustable delay covering a distance of more than 200 meters round off the package.

Furthermore, an onboard 200 MHz 40-bit DSP recognizes critical operating states and possible faults within the connected loudspeaker lines and transmits these to the software, for example to Dynacord’s Multi Amplifier Remote Control (MARC) software.

These also include measurements of the amplifier’s output voltage and current, allowing the user to monitor the connected loudspeakers. The loudspeaker impedance of connected loudspeakers is con-stantly calculated and displayed; additionally to the typical display of impedance loads, short circuits and open lines are indicated safely and reliably both on the amp LCD display as well as in the software.

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